Pregnancy symtoms

Pregnancy symtoms

Many women experience the early pregnancy symptoms days following conception. For some other women, these signs may develop much later and a lucky few feel no symptoms at all after a missed period and a positive pregnancy test.

Pregnancy is not the only main reason why there is a feeling of breast changes. This may also be due to hormonal imbalance that is unrelated to pregnancy. The hormonal activity could also be due to a change in birth control pills, or just the usual premenstrual symptom. This symptom is mainly caused by the human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone which causes your breasts to feel tender, swollen and enlarged. Sometimes the veins around the breasts become more visible and the areola and nipples may also get a dark colour.

In case you miss your period, this can be a fairly good sign that you just might be pregnant. Once you experience it and you have been sexually active, run to the nearest pharmacy for a pregnancy test and perform it. This may tell if the most awaited time has come!

Spotting may also be observed on the early weeks of pregnancy. It may look like a short light spotting and the other pregnancy symptoms will follow. It is believed to be caused by implantation wherein bleeding occurs when the vascular, blood-filled lining of the uterus spills over just slightly when an egg implants. The nutrient-rich blood supply is needed for the egg to survive. Most implantation bleeding is very light and is usually thin pink in appearance.

Morning sickness is also common. It is characterised by nausea, vomiting and exhaustion that would make you want to go to sleep more frequently. Consider eating crackers before you stand up from bed, and satisfy your cravings. You don't have to be concerned a lot about your pregnancy diet plan early on. A lot of women report a reduced incidence of nausea when eating potato chips and lemonade. Vitamin supplementation with added folic acid has also been shown to cut back nausea. However, it would be great if you talk with your health care provider first before taking any medicines.

Always remember it helps to use this guide to determine if you're really pregnant but please don't use this as an alternative to proper health care. If you notice one of these pregnancy signs, try a pregnancy test and consult you doctor. You can then start your prenatal check and get good advice and answers to your questions.